The love and joy that come with adopting a pet make all the work involved well worth it. When you wake up at 5 am to walk your dog or scrape out the bottom of your cat’s litterbox, it’s all for the rewards of the cuddles, snuggles and companionship they give you in return. Taking care of your pet’s health while balancing your finances, however, can be a bit trickier. 

Pet insurance is an optimal way to make sure that your furry friend stays healthy while allowing you to maintain financial stability. By paying a low monthly premium, you can anticipate the possibility of an expensive, emergency trip to the vet in a way that’s sustainable for your budget.

How pet insurance works

The premise of pet insurance is just like health insurance, car insurance, and even homeowners insurance. By paying a small amount monthly, customers pool their resources to cover regular veterinary costs and anticipate unexpected expenses. Starting at just $10 a month, plus 10% off for existing customers, Lemonade cat and dog insurance covers costs for things like broken bones, allergies, cancer, x-rays, diabetes, hip dysplasia, hospitalizations, surgeries, and even when your pet eats something they weren’t supposed to. 

By customizing your pet insurance policy, you can pay for the specific needs of your pet and choose what works best for your budget. Lemonade’s Preventative and Wellness package includes coverage to keep your pet healthy and covers the costs of things you’re probably already paying for like vaccinations and your annual checkup. If you want to go above and beyond for your pet, you can add the Extended Accident and Illness package to cover vet exam fees along with treatment like physical therapy and acupuncture. 

When your dog eats something dangerous or your cat gets in a fight with the kitty next door, the last thing you want to be worried about is how you’ll pay for their vet care. With a solid insurance plan, you can focus on your pet’s health and safety first and foremost. 

Why choose Lemonade for pet insurance

Above all, pet parents love Lemonade for its accessibility, affordability, and breadth of coverage. It boasts award winning service plus 4.9 out of 5-star rating on the App Store and Google Play store speaks volumes, with additional top-ratings from Supermoney, Clearsurance, and others. 

Why has it earned such high marks? Carefully crafted in collaboration with pet experts and lots of excited pet parents, Lemonade pet insurance gives your pet the coverage it actually needs. It’s quick and easy to use, allowing you to get a quote and sign up in just a few minutes. Plus, you can get a 10 percent discount if you also insure your home with Lemonade. 

In addition, lemonade offers zero-hassle, super-fast claim payment, policies that are simple, jargon-free and intuitive, and live chat with medical experts for those that get their wellness add-on.

No pet parent should have to choose between paying for life-saving care and going broke. Insurance plans exist to prevent such tough decisions. So, whether you’re adopting a new pet or want to protect your current one, Lemonade pet insurance is the best way to show your cats and dogs how much you care about them in 2021.