Elon Musk has been promising the FSD package to Tesla buyers for at least six months.

Tesla is poised to introduce the Full Self-Driving package, also called FSD package, to its cars this week. The beta version of the software has already been pushed out to selected users. Tesla owners who have already paid for the controversial software can request for FSD Beta software and will be granted access based on their driving behaviour.

“Beta button will request permission to assess driving behavior using the Tesla insurance calculator. If driving behavior is good for 7 days, beta access will be granted.” Elon Musk replied to a Twitter user.

Although Tesla has characterised even the newest version of FSD Beta features as a Level 2 drivers assistance system, videos posted by testers show cars driving on streets without any human intervention. 

Elon Musk has been promising the FSD package to Tesla buyers for at least six months. “Build 8.3 of FSD should be done QA testing by end of next week, so that’s roughly when download button should show up [SIC],” said Musk in March.

FSD package has been available as an option for Tesla buyers for quite some time. The price of the package has steadily increased as the new functions were included. The FSD package includes an active guidance system, ‘Navigate on Autopilot’ feature, parking feature called ‘Summon’ and many other features that standard Tesla cars don’t have.

Musk has a bad reputation when it comes to keeping up with the promised deadlines. However, this time it is expected that Tesla CEO won’t keep his fans waiting as his latest announcement looks promising enough and was also touted by Tesla board member, Hiromichi Mizuno.

In July, Tesla also launched the FSD subscription package for $199 per month. The electric vehicle manufacturer aims to deliver a true Level 5 drivers assistance system.