Sightful, an Israeli-based company, has unveiled Spacetop, an augmented reality (AR) laptop that has been in development for over three years. With a team comprising over 60 experts in spatial computing, including veterans from Apple, Microsoft, and Magic Leap, Spacetop represents the next generation in personal computing and introduces AR seamlessly into users’ daily lives. By combining customized hardware and a proprietary spatial environment, Spacetop redefines the boundaries of traditional laptops, offering users a unique and expansive virtual workspace that can be customized to enhance creativity, all while maintaining the familiar laptop form factor. It’s like having a 100-inch laptop experience in a backpack.

Bridging the Gap:

The creators of Spacetop recognized a crossroads between the centrality of laptops in our daily work lives and the limitations of current technology in accommodating the modern “work from anywhere” mentality. Simultaneously, augmented reality held immense potential but lacked a practical everyday use case. According to Tamir Berliner, CEO of Sightful, this perfect moment called for a significant paradigm shift in a device we are all familiar with, and the Spacetop Early Access program is the first step in that transformative journey.

The Perfect Workspace:

Spacetop is designed specifically to cater to the growing “work from anywhere” movement, leveraging AR to transform any environment into a portable home office. With a virtual canvas that exceeds 100 inches, users can create their ideal working environment, organized and clutter-free, tailored to enhance their focus and productivity. Freed from the constraints of small screens and constant window switching, Spacetop empowers users to maintain visibility and accessibility to key applications overlaid on the real world, while still remaining present in their surroundings.

Unparalleled Features:

The Spacetop experience offers intuitive augmented reality, seamlessly integrating with the laptop interface users are familiar with. It eliminates the need for complex gesture controls or the integration of external hardware or software. The Spacetop environment, known as the Canvas, provides users with a limitless digital workspace. Whether working from the comfort of their couch, a local cafe, or an airplane seat, users can enjoy a multi-monitor setup that scales to their specific needs. Furthermore, privacy is ensured by design, with the Canvas and user’s work remaining completely invisible to others, eliminating privacy concerns.

Partnerships and Early Access:

Sightful has raised $61 million in funding from global investors, including Aleph and Corner Ventures. Wistron, a leading laptop hardware manufacturer, and NReal, a prominent name in augmented reality, have collaborated to bring Spacetop to life. By combining customized NReal glasses with the proprietary Spacetop environment, users can access important web applications through high-resolution augmented reality windows overlaid onto the real world. Spacetop is the result of a unique collaboration between industry leaders, paving the way for a new era of personal computing.

The Spacetop Early Access program is now open, inviting 1,000 early adopters to join. Interested individuals can apply to be among the first to experience the groundbreaking capabilities of Spacetop by visiting Founded in 2020 by Tamir Berliner and Tomer Kahan, Sightful brings together a team passionate about advancing human productivity and creating a practical, user-friendly product that merges the worlds of reality and augmented reality.


With Spacetop, Sightful introduces a game-changing augmented reality laptop that seamlessly integrates into users’ daily lives. By reimagining personal computing with customized hardware, a proprietary spatial environment, and intuitive features, Spacetop breaks free from the constraints of traditional laptops. With a focus on enhancing productivity, privacy, and flexibility, Spacetop offers a virtual workspace like no other. As the Spacetop Early Access program commences, a select group of early adopters will have the opportunity to experience the future of personal computing and witness the power of augmented reality combined with the convenience of a laptop form factor.

By Impact Lab