Recent reports from local news outlets reveal that Russia has developed and implemented cutting-edge camouflage technology for its military forces, commonly referred to as “invisibility cloaks.” This development aligns with the Russian military doctrine of ‘maskirovka,’ emphasizing the importance of deception in warfare.

Rebekah Koffler, a strategic military intelligence analyst and author of “Putin’s Playbook,” explained that the new ‘cloak-nevidimka’ is a manifestation of the maskirovka doctrine, designed to mislead adversaries about troop presence, position, size, attack timing, and equipment types. The emphasis is on controlling and manipulating the adversary’s perception of the battlefield.

In an interview with Russian outlet TASS, HiderX, the company behind the new military tech, disclosed several details about the technology. The camouflage suit, weighing 350 grams (three-quarters of a pound), is foldable and can fit in a person’s pocket. It operates by concealing the heat signature of the wearer, a critical aspect in avoiding detection by heat-seeking devices.

HiderX described the camouflage suit as a revolutionary product that dilutes the silhouette, utilizing a proprietary technology coating the fabric with a specific mixture. The suit effectively conceals Russian soldiers against heat-seeking threats. Trials, including battlefield testing in Ukraine, were reported to be ongoing, with completion expected by the end of January.

Revealing further insights into the technology, Koffler clarified that the ‘Cloak-Nevidimka’ comprises three layers: an internal layer reflecting infrared radiation from the user’s body, a middle layer absorbing infrared radiation, and an external layer reflecting infrared radiation from the environment. The development of the ‘Cloak-Nevidimka’ took place at the RKhBZ Academy (Radiological Chemical Biological Defense).

Koffler emphasized that all information about the technology is derived from Russian sources, including TV Zvezda and Military Review. The full suit includes a hood, cap, and special glasses, providing effective cover as close as two meters away from the soldier using it.

While trials are ongoing, the disclosure of this advanced camouflage technology signals Russia’s intent to showcase its capabilities. Koffler noted that the revelation doesn’t necessarily imply deception, highlighting the importance of understanding the strategic reasons behind Russia’s decision to share information about the ‘Cloak-Nevidimka.’

By Impact Lab