Adidas’ vision for the future: Personalization, fast


Adidas unveils new 3D printed sneaker.

For all but the most elite athletes, buying athletic shoes can be hit or miss: Go to the store, find something you like, and try it on. If it doesn’t feel quite right, too bad. Try another shoe.

Adidas sees a future where motion capture tech, data analysis software, and 3D printing come together in the store to create a pair of kicks tailored to your exact needs. One foot slightly smaller than the other? No problem. You overpronate? Don’t worry about it. Technology will provide the perfect shoe.

All of the big shoe companies are racing toward that goal. Adidas offered a glimpse of how that might happen when it brought its pop-up Speedfactory Lab Experience to Brooklyn, New York.

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Adidas Augmented Reality Sneakers


Adidas augmented reality sneakers

Can’t find your Nintendo DS? Try one of the new Adidas sneakers instead.

Adidas has created a virtual 3-D world that can be accessed using an upcoming line of five men’s sneakers in an idea that ties into one of the technology trends of the year: augmented reality.


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Trying On Clothes In A Virtual Mirror

Trying On Clothes In A Virtual Mirror

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could shop for clothes without constantly having to try them on in the fitting room? The vision could soon become a reality thanks to the “virtual mirror” presented by Fraunhofer researchers at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin from August 29 to September 3. This mirror-like display enables shoppers to see themselves wearing different items of clothing without having to undo a single button.

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