60 billion alien planets in our galaxy could support life: Study

New findings show that planets orbiting red dwarf stars are more likely to be habitable than previously believed.

Only about a dozen potentially habitable exoplanets have been detected so far but, scientists say the universe should be teeming with alien worlds that could support life. The Milky Way alone may host 60 billion such planets around faint red dwarf stars, a new estimate suggests. (Video)



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Man Claims Aliens Are Pelting His Home


One of the 6 meteorites that hit the home of Radiovje Lajic
A Bosnian man whose house has been hit six times by meteorites claims aliens are targetting him. The white-hot rocks have hammered Radivoje Lajic’s house repeatedly since 2007, forcing him to reinforce the roof of his Gornji Lajici home with a steel girder.

Experts at Belgrade University have confirmed that all the rocks he has produced are meteorites, but Lajic believes their trajectory is no accident, claiming: “I am obviously being targeted by aliens…”

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The Road to Area 51: After Decades of Denyial, Five Former Insiders Speak Out

Area51 sign 154234
Area 51. It’s the most famous military institution in the world that doesn’t officially exist. If it did, it would be found about 100 miles outside Las Vegas in Nevada’s high desert, tucked between an Air Force base and an abandoned nuclear testing ground.

Then again, maybe not– the U.S. government refuses to say. You can’t drive anywhere close to it, and until recently, the airspace overhead was restricted–all the way to outer space. Any mention of Area 51 gets redacted from official documents, even those that have been declassified for decades.

It has become the holy grail for conspiracy theorists, with UFOlogists positing that the Pentagon reverse engineers flying saucers and keeps extraterrestrial beings stored in freezers…


Stephen Hawking: Avoid Contact With Aliens

aliens with baby 1342

Are close encounters worth having?

Genius physicist Stephen Hawking thinks that it’s likely that there’s intelligent life in the universe beyond our solar system. And he advises that we should avoid contact with aliens:

Such scenes are speculative, but Hawking uses them to lead on to a serious point: that a few life forms could be intelligent and pose a threat. Hawking believes that contact with such a species could be devastating for humanity.

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Was the Slingjaw Wrasse the Inspiration for Ridley Scott’s Alien?


Rare footage of a slingjaw wrasse’s bizarre eating habits has become an internet hit.  Above is the YouTube footage of Epibulus insidiator, a strange predator found in tropical waters in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


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SETI Marks 50 Years By Giving You a Chance To Send A Message to Alien Life


ET: waiting for your call?

If you had the chance to send a message into space, what would it say? “Greetings, fellow sentient beings”? “We come in peace”? “Hi… we’ve kind of messed up our planet, and we wondered if by chance anyone out there had a spare one?”


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Could Alien Life Be Thriving On Saturn’s Frozen Moon?

Could There Be Alien Life Be Thriving On Saturn’s Frozen Moon?

 The surface of Saturn’s moon Enceladus shows evidence of ongoing geological activity 

Alien life could have evolved on one of Saturn’s moons, scientists say.

They have found evidence that seas may lie beneath the frozen surface of Enceladus  – the planet’s sixth biggest moon.

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Space Colonization Limited By Fermi Paradox

Colonizing Galaxy Limited By Fermi Paradox 

Space Colony

For more than 50 years, many have taken the so-called Fermi Paradox to indicate that the existence of intelligent alien civilizations is an impossibility. However, a recent re-examination of the paradox points out that, rather than discounting the spread of an intelligent civilization, the Fermi Paradox merely points out that advanced civilizations with exponential growth are unlikely to exist.

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Please Don’t Trample the Jellyfish!

Jellyfish shaped crop circle @ Yahoo! Video

A 250m-long (825 ft) crop circle of a jellyfish has appeared on farmland. The owners of the land in Oxfordshire have urged visitors to stay away from the circle, which is also 60m (197ft) wide, to avoid further crop damage.

Sally Ann Spence and husband Bill, who own Berry Croft Farm near Ashbury, said hundreds of visitors have been trampling over their field…

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Weapons of the Future (Videos)


The Last Stand sponsored by Gears of War 2 – Part 1: Attack

Here are two videos about weapons of the future.  These videos were produced by Microsoft to go along with the release of their Gears of War 2 video game.  In part 1 of this documentary, sponsored by Gears of War 2, we speak with military strategists, war historians, weapons experts and think tank members to lay out what an invasion by a hostile alien species might look like. (Part 2 video after the break)

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SETI Finds Regular Laser Pulse In Space

SETI Finds Regular Laser Pulse In Space

 Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

After you’ve spent more than 20 years hunting for an alien signal, you think you’d be celebrating if you noticed a mysterious pulse suddenly rising up on your computer readouts. A regular pulse, amid the random clatter of the cosmos, suggests that someone very smart at the other end is sending a message.

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