Electric car travels over 1,100 miles without a recharge on a new aluminum-air battery


Together the Israeli company, Phinergy, and the aluminum giant, Alcoa Canada, demonstrated an electric vehicle (EV) capable of driving over 1,100 miles between charges using a combination of aluminum-air and lithium-ion storage technologies.


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Researchers Discover a Way to Create Aluminum Alloy as Strong as Steel


Surface etched aluminum bar

Using a technique that creates a new nanoscale architecture, researchers have created an aluminum alloy just as strong as steel but with reasonable plasticity to stretch and not break under stress. Importantly, the technique of creating these nanostructures can be used on many different types of metals and the team plans to work on strengthening magnesium, a metal that is even lighter than aluminum that could be used to make strong, lightweight body armor for soldiers.


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Finally, A Professional Alpine Racing Sled

sled 1423

Are you a professional alpine sled racer? Bet you’ve been waiting a long time for something like this $900 Alpine Racing Sled to come along. Even if you’re just an amateur alpine sled racer looking to take your qualifying times to the next level and you’ve set aside a little over $1000 in your “Ultimate Sled Fund” (shipping adds $115 to the price of the sled) then it might be about time to put the wheels in motion.

According to the product description…

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Full Size Portable, Collapsible Snow Shovel and Ice Scraper


Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Portable, collapsible full size shovel with broom and ice scraper.  Attaches with an aluminum alloy handle.  Made out of recylcled ABS plastic.  All plastic parts are yellow in color so other motorists can see you from a distance.  The yellow color is helpful if you are stuck on the road and have to dig yourself out.  (Pics)


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Top 10 Futuristic Vehicles

Top 10 Futurist Vehicles

MMR25 by Mitsubishi Motors

Today’s list is the future. From wild wheels to perfect seats to flying cars, this is the way we’ll be crashing into each other when tomorrow rolls around. Are you ready for that?! Are you ready to do some amazing flips, twists, and the all important barrel roll? Drop the back on in! (Pics)


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RORMaxx – Wind Powered Sports Car

RORMaxx - Wind Powered Sports Car 


In the ongoing search for alternative energy, few things have been so overlooked as wind. Granted, many places are beginning to accept wind power as an easily accessible form of renewable energy, but still others don’t see its potential. It is this problem that 2 young minds from California have set out to solve.

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Rocket Powered Sled

Rocket Powered Sled 

It’s never too late to be kick-off that creative infant in you. Talking of creativity, there is Mr. Ky Michaelson or the Rocketman, as he is known, who personifies the word to perfection. Symbolizing are the rocket powered innovations from his backyard, which we’ve previously seen. From the Rocket Chair to the Kick Sledge, all have rocket-ized us here in the tech fraternity, and the latest JATO rocket powered sled is just an enhancement to the rocket builder’s flawless work, thrown our way.

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