America’s hottest export? Sperm


Sperm from the US and Denmark dominate the market because those countries currently have the most supply, experts say.

Ella Rasmussen’s doctors started to prod her about children when she turned 30. She was single, suffered from endometriosis, and contemplated a hysterectomy. After several years, the nudges took hold. Because she wasn’t a good candidate to freeze only her eggs, she was advised to undergo IVF and freeze fertilized embryos.

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Moral Dilemma Of Artificial Insemination: What To Do With “Leftover” Embryos?


Frozen human eggs at a fertility center. Photo: Mark Boster / LA Times

After successfully conceiving a daughter through in vitro fertilization, Gina Rathan and her husband Cheddi was faced with a moral dilemma they didn’t expect to encounter: what to do with the “leftover” preserved frozen embryos they created, but hadn’t used?

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