Disposable Wrist Phone

Disposable Wrist Phone 

 LG’s Wrist Phone

Having a cellphone necessarily brings with it the tough decision of where to carry the damn thing. That typically means bulging up a pocket, though at least women can often opt for tossing it in a handbag (but even that adds the rummaging-around step when you get a call). The disposable Wrist Phone makes where to put it an easy choice.

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Lego Security Bracelet To Track Your Kids

Lego Security Bracelet To Track Your Kids 

 Lego Security Bracelet

The craze for Lego Bricks is just immortal. Lego is one thing that lures us back every time, we may avoid it for a while, but these professionals churn out the newest of things, prompting us to go head over heels for their exquisite makes. This conceptual security bracelet for kids, a project led by Rodrigo Torres, is the hottest Lego creation that we could get about in a period. The bracelet is a perfect device for parents to keep track of their child’s whereabouts.

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Ring-Cellphone: Cell Phone Worn On Finger

Ring-Cellphone:  Cell Phone Worn On Finger 


Even though it’s one of the tiniest cell phones you’ve probably ever seen, it would be difficult to lose this one. As its name implies, the “ring-cellphone” is worn on the finger, and includes all the components of a functional cell phone.

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