The Nymi is a bracelet that will let you secure and manipulate your world with the power of your heartbeat. The Nymi is ramping up to be ever so much more than just a heart rate monitor.



Most heart monitors are limited to just blandly reporting back to you just how out of shape your pulmonary organ happens to be. The Nymi, on the other hand, actually furthers that function by taking your heart’s unique rhythm and creating a secure ID for you from it. While you’re wearing the bracelet, the Nymi maintains a secure connection between you and your Bluetooth devices, constantly authenticating your ID.

That connection, by the way, is the basis for all the other awesome uses for this Jedi-creating bracelet. Built-in motion sensors and proximity detectors within the bracelet allow you to create gesture-based commands for your connected devices. You’ll be able to unlock your car door, make purchases and use your smart devices, all with a flick of the wrist.

The heartbeat password bracelet is up for preorder for $79. It’ll sell for $99 after the initial preorders.

Via Dvice