The future of campus recruiting in 2020 and beyond


Recruiters will need to look into their crystal balls to determine what campus recruiting will look in the future.

The employment landscape will continue to change as technology moves forward. What does this mean for campus recruiting in 2020 and beyond? It will look much different from today – students will have different majors, use different technologies, and plan for completely new and undiscovered career paths.

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MOOC’s beat campuses in GPA’s and diversity

Moocs global

The option to learn anywhere at any time boosts community college students’ likelihood of transferring to a 4-year college.

There is some good news for massively open online courses (MOOCs) in business topics: Student GPAs are slightly higher, and MOOCs are more likely to reach students in developing countries.



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Online Education Exploding at Campuses Across the Country

 student taking online class

College student takes an online class in his dorm room.

Like most other undergraduates, Anish Patel likes to sleep in. Even though his Principles of Microeconomics class at 9:35 a.m. is just a five-minute stroll from his dorm, he would rather flip open his laptop in his room to watch the lecture, streamed live over the campus network.


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New Trend: Professors Living in College Dorms

faculty living in dorm

Dozens of colleges across the country that place professors (and sometimes their families) in residence halls.

This spring, Jeffrey Sich told his friends in St. Louis that he was moving to the District for an associate professorship at George Washington University. Then the 55-year-old carefully explained where he would live: a sophomore dorm.  “It was met with shock: ‘You are going to do what?’ ” Sich said. “But it’s a great conversation starter. . . . And it’s been done before – Rodney Dangerfield.”


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Business Schools Get Creative with Non-Campus Recruiting


Getting creative with non-campus recruiting

When Elatia Abate, global director of recruitment and strategy for Anheuser-Busch InBev, began scouting M.B.A. hires from the class of 2009 in earnest, she visited a handful of schools the beer maker considered to have the brightest graduates. But the schools that didn’t make Ms. Abate’s list for campus visits were still vying for her attention. If Ms. Abate couldn’t come on campus, the schools’ career counselors said, would she interview students via video?


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