Carkoon – car seat that envelops your child in a Kevlar cocoon upon impact


If you are worried about the safety rating of your child’s car seat maybe you should swaddle your child in a protective Kevlar cocoon. The Carkoon is a new child seat developed by British company Cool Technologies that wraps your child in protective Kevlar and a fireproof Nomex airbag upon impact. It even calls emergency services for you.

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Britax Adds Side Airbags To It’s Baby Car Seats

Britax Adds Side Airbags To It’s Baby Car Seats 

 Britax Advocate CS Convertible Car Seat

Long gone are the days when people would drive with their baby sitting in their laps, thinking it was the safest thing to do. Today’s tots have car seats that rival the harnesses and safety gear used by Forumula 1 drivers, and a company called Britax is taking things one step further by introducing the first car seat to feature a set of side impact airbags.

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Tote Your Tot in Style


With summer upon us, families are traveling all over. Make the journey a bit easier with a TOTEaTOT!

Navigating a small child through airports and train stations is rarely an enjoyable experience. Especially when little ones grow tired, the crankiness can really wear on a mom trying to get the family to its destination in a timely manner. Not to mention luggage, strollers, car seats and the rest of the family, bring a toddler into traveling can seem like a recipe for disaster!


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