Wildfires in Russia and Canada Create Poisonous Cloud of Pollutants Around Planet

russia canada fires

The concentration and global transport of carbon monoxide pollution from fires burning in Russia, Siberia and Canada.

Raging forest fires in central Russia, Siberia and western Canada have created an enormous cloud of pollutants covering the northern hemisphere, according to NASA.


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CO2 Recycler Creates Fuel From Carbon Dioxide


This prototype, known as the CR5, was designed to convert carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide, or water into hydrogen, using concentrated solar energy

Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have built a machine that uses the sun’s energy to convert carbon dioxide waste from power plants into transportation fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. The system could provide an alternative to carbon sequestration; instead of permanently storing CO2 underground, the CO2 could be recycled and put to use.


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Turning Seawater Into Jet Fuel


Faced with global warming and potential oil shortages, the US navy is experimenting with making jet fuel from seawater.

Navy chemists have processed seawater into unsaturated short-chain hydrocarbons that with further refining could be made into kerosene-based jet fuel. But they will have to find a clean energy source to power the reactions if the end product is to be carbon neutral.


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Cosmic Lens Reveals Distant Galactic Violence


 Imaging a distant galaxy using a gravitational lens.

By cleverly unraveling the workings of a natural cosmic lens, astronomers have gained a rare glimpse of the violent assembly of a young galaxy in the early Universe. Their new picture suggests that the galaxy has collided with another, feeding a supermassive black hole and triggering a tremendous burst of star formation.

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