Biodegradeable Chewing Gum Goes On Sale In Britain


A healthier earth friendly option for gum

It is an environmental scourge that saddles local government with clean-up bills running into hundreds of thousands of pounds. But today the world’s first biodegradable chewing gum is arriving on British supermarket shelves, potentially putting to an end the sticky mess caused by the conventional product.

Chicza Rainforest Gum is manufactured in Mexico by Consorcio Chiclero – a consortium of 56 co-operatives employing some 2,000 chicleros (gum farmers) and their families. The workers extract natural gum from the sap of the chicle tree, which is then used to make the product.

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10 Craziest Diets in History


If you cannot see your feet on the scale, perhaps a change in diet should be considered.

Dieting. Personally, I suck at it, as do many people throughout the world. But it doesn’t mean we don’t try. Of course, some of us try to eat less and exercise more and some people jump on the bandwagon of any fad diets, always hoping to find a miracle that leads to quick weight loss with little effort. As a result, there’s been quite a few crazy diet ideas in the last few centuries, here are the top ten weirdest diet methods we’ve ever heard of.

So with no further ado…

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Overweight Diners Choose Convenience and Overeating At Chinese Buffets

Overweight Diners Choose Convenience and Overeating At Chinese Buffets 

 Chinese Buffet

When dining at Chinese Buffets, overweight individuals serve themselves and eat differently than normal weight individuals. This may lead them to overeat, according to a recent study by Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab. Compared to normal weight diners, overweight individuals sat 16 feet closer to the buffet, faced the food, used larger plates, ate with forks instead of chopsticks, and served themselves immediately instead of browsing the buffet.

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