Chairigami – cheap, sturdy cardboard standing desk

carboard desk 2

This recyclable cardboard desk is assembled without any glue or fasteners and costs only $65.

If you are looking for a cheap and sturdy standing desk. There are many DIY options. But if you have always wanted to have some cardboard furniture in your home or office (and who hasn’t?), try one of the standing desks from Chairigami.



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Counteract the Unhealthy Affects of Sitting All Day with the Treadmill Desk


Treadmill desk

It’s really hard to keep healthy by staying glued to desk job the entire day. Everybody knows that such sedentary lifestyle sets the stage for a host of health hazards from chronic pain to heart attacks. To evade such physical problems and help people stay fit, Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic has created the Treadmill Desk.

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El Zulo Power Napping Chair Pod

El Zulo Power Napping Chair Pod


Just looking at the design for El ZULO, Spanish for “the hideout,” makes me sleepy. Instead of putting my head down right here at my desk and catching a few zzz’s before my stiff neck and back cry “Oooh, that hurts!,” I imagine myself mustering just enough energy to get up, move a few feet away from my desk, and assume a similar, but ergonomic, position in this peaceful, padded, perfectly positioned chair pod for my power nap. (Pics)

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Looking for a new desk toy with some attitude? These guys have plenty. Just look at these guys. You know that they would just walk up to you and kick you in the nuts for no reason at all. Then they wouldn’t even laugh. They’d just look at you all doubled over as if admiring their handiwork, nod and walk away. They’re known as KANFUBOI (Kung-Fu-Boy).

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Prevent Mug Theft With The Lock Cup


Don’t Let That Bugger Get Away!


There are plenty of reasons why I don’t drink coffee (the taste being one of the larger reasons). Since I don’t drink the stuff, I don’t worry about anyone running off with my coffee mugs. However, in some offices this is a real issue. People will knowingly take your cup, fill it up, and take it back to their desk. Sure, you can confront them about their blatant disregard for your ownership, or you can get a better mug.

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