Give Your Computer and Peripherals a Spring Cleaning

computer dirt n grime 3421
Dirty, dirty. Look what all that porn has done to your machine!
Most of us are more concerned about the tidiness of our directories and files than we are about our physical computer. A dirty computer is a failure-prone computer, so let’s dig in with some spring cleaning tips…

Plowing Carbon Into the Fields

5 Tractor Exhaust into Ground 653

Plowing tractor exhaust into the field, eliminating fertilizer costs

A wheat farmer in Australia has eliminated adding fertilizer to his crop by the simple process of injecting the cooled diesel exhaust of his modified tractor into the ground when the wheat is being sown. In doing so he eliminates releasing carbon into the atmosphere and at the same time saves himself up to $500,000 (AUD) that would have been required to fertilize his 3,900 hectares in the traditional way. Yet his crop yields over the last two years have been at least on par with his best yields since 2001. The technique was developed by a Canadian, Gary Lewis of Bio Agtive, and is currently in trial at 100 farms around the world.

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The Mysterious Mima Mounds

The Mysterious Mima Mounds 

We don’t know what they are, where they came from, or what caused them

Scientists love a mystery. Biologists used to have the human genome, but now they have the structure of protein. Physics used to have cosmic rays, but now they have the God particle. Astronomers used to have black holes, but now they have dark matter. (Pics)

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Aeroponics: Grow Plants Without Soil

 Aeroponics: Grow Plants Without Soil

Using soil to grow plants is so last century. We live in the future, we don’t need to get our hands dirty with dirt. No, we’re all about aeroponics, where specially formulated nutrient mists replace soil. This Broto Domestic Greenhouse lets you use aeroponics to grow plants, constantly checking the pH, temperature, nutrients, and humidity to ensure that they grow as healthily as possible.

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Electricity from Dirt: Is it Possible?


A New Job For Dirt?

It turns out wind power, solar power and lunar power are not the only possible renewable energy sources for our future. Dirt power might be next. There are already plans for use of it in places of Africa that are off-grid.

We first heard of dirt power back in May of 2008. Six Harvard University students (a.k.a known as Lebônê) won a $200,000 grant from World Bank at the Lighting Africa 2008 event in Accra, Ghana for inventing a way to turn soil into electricity using microbial fuel cells.

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The World’s Most Innovative Vacuum Cleaners


These Shoes REALLY Suck!

Vacuums have come along way since the first manually-powered one was invented back in 1868. Judging by the range of innovations for the floor-cleaners in recent years, they have a long way to go too.

The things with devices like the vacuum is that they will always be needed. Not only that, but because of the diversity of floors and the preferences of the people who own them, there is no one right solution.


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