5 idiotic marketing disasters

crazy marketing

Marketing can make you or break you.

We’ve all heard a marketing campaign at some point and thought, “that is just stupid,” but most bad advertising strategies just result in a few less sales than a successful campaign would have brought in. Sometimes though, a company will run a campaign that’s so idiotic that the company ends up losing thousands, if not millions of dollars. Take, for example, the Silo marketing campaign that said customers could get a new stereo for only “299 bananas.” When customers started actually showing up with bundles of bananas, the store had no choice but to give them stereos in exchange for fruit…

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Solution for Haiti – HydroWell Village – Produces Clean Water From Virtually Any Water Source


HyrdoWell Village

Haiti is looking for help with their water supply, and this may be it. Providing water in remote and austere environments is a logistical nightmare.  In emergencies, water systems take too long to setup.  Bulk water is expensive and difficult to deliver.  Surface water is almost always heavily contaminated, resulting in death and disease.

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‘Hyperspectral Remote Sensor’ Can Spot Natural And Man-Made Disasters

Shasta Trinity Fire From Space

Shasta-Trinity fire from space

An omniscient eye in the sky can spot natural and man-made disasters, give advance warning about forest fires, water contamination or an oil slick.  A new Tel Aviv University (TAU) technology combines sophisticated sensors in orbit with ground based sensors to create a “Hyperspectral Remote Sensor” (HRS).

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Cyborg Crickets Could Save Human Lives


Modified insects could soon be joining rescue workers in the search for survivors

IF YOU’RE trapped under rubble after an earthquake, wondering if you’ll see daylight again, the last thing you need is an insect buzzing around your face. But that insect could save your life, if a scheme funded by the Pentagon comes off.


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