Can aging really be ‘treated’ or ‘cured’?


As time passes, our fertility declines and our bodies start to fail. These natural changes are what we call ageing.

 In recent decades, we’ve come leaps and bounds in treating and preventing some of the world’s leading age-related diseases, such as coronary heart disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

But some research takes an entirely unique view on the role of science in easing the burden of ageing, focusing instead on trying to prevent it, or drastically slow it down. This may seem like an idea reserved mainly for cranks and science fiction writers, but it’s not.

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Easter Island ‘Fountain of Youth’ Drug Discovered

easter island

Easter Island soil provided the anti-ageing chemical

A miraculous ‘elixir of youth’ which could extend the human life span by more than a decade is being developed by scientists.  The anti-ageing pill was created from a chemical found in the soil of Easter Island  –  one of the most remote and mysterious places on the planet.  In tests on animals, the chemical increased life expectancy by a staggering 38 per cent.


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Men Might Have Biological Clocks, Too

Men Might Have Biological Clocks, Too

Pablo Picasso, 66, with his son  

Read between the lines of a recent study out of Australia and you can see hints of a coming shift in the gender conversation. Researchers at the University of Queensland found that children born to older fathers have, on average, lower scores on tests of intelligence than those born to younger dads. Data they analyzed from more than 33,000 American children showed that the older the man when a child is conceived, the lower a child’s score is likely to be on tests of concentration, memory, reasoning and reading skills, at least through age 7. 

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