AlgaeBulb lights up with green algae


Designer Gyula Bodonyi has harnessed the power of green algae in a light bulb. Algae projects have already been seen powering power entire buildings, but Bodonyi’s concept brings green power to the public on a more user-friendly scale. With the Algaebulb, algae powers a single LED activated by a tiny air pump and hydrophobic material able to create a teeny-tiny power house for light. (photos)



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‘Magic Sand’


This sand is hydrophobic, it avoids water

When it is dry, Magic Sand is free flowing and cannot form a structure that holds its shape. When Magic Sand is poured into water, it has a silvery sheen and doesn’t become wet. It can be molded into structures that hold their shape under water. When the water is poured off, the Magic Sand is dry. Second video after the jump.

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