The BabbaBox is a monthly box of creativity for kids


Kids get monthly fun delivered to their door with The BabbaBox.

The BabbaBox is a monthly membership based kit targeting ages 3-6 that’s delivered to your home with ALL the physical materials plus know-how content to really engage with your kids through experiences and activities you can do together…

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Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!


A great smile at a certain price.

Want your child to turn that frown upside down? By any means necessary? This feels like it belongs on Arrested Development, alongside the injury-inducing cornballer, but amazingly enough it’s areal thing. And there’s only a “slight twitch side effect!” Hooray for science!

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The Self-Folding Origami Stroller

origami stroller

When did baby strollers get so high-tech? The Origami stroller power-folds itself open and shut at the touch of a button and has a built-in generator that charges the battery with every step you take. You can even choose to add options like powered speakers for your MP3 player, daytime running lights, or an adapter to charge your mobile phone. You want more features? Well read on…

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Amazing Photos – Parenting in a World of Chaos

Parenting 651

Parenting is challenging even in the best of times

Best advice to new parents – be flexible, be creative, and feel free to rewrite the rules whenever you have to. Being a parent is now more difficult that ever, and this amazing series of photos does an amazing job of capturing the craziness of our times. (Pics)

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Jet-Works Engine Demonstrates Inner Workings Of Turbines

Jet Works Engine Demonstrates Inner Workings Of Turbines

This toy jet engine is not going to fly you anywhere, but it’ll sure demonstrate what goes on inside those fiery turbines. Your kid can learn how to be a jet engine mechanic, putting together the kit’s 50 parts, and then adjusting thrust, speed and engine sounds with the battery-operated model’s control panel.

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Robot Stroller – Unpacks Itself

 Robot Stroller - Unpacks Itself

Making life with your baby so much easier

This automated baby stroller from 4Moms is powered by a rechargeable generator. It gets more power with every 300 feet of movement. It’s also environmentally friendly, with the plastic being from 90% of recycled materials. Check out the video below to see it’s autonomous collapsing trick.

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The Ultimate Cool Marble Table

The Ultimate Cool Marble Table

The line between grown up and kiddie tables begins to blur with Netherlands-based designer Tineke Beunders’ Marbelous. It has grooves cut into the tabletop, legs and supports that’ll have marbles rolling all the way down to the floor. The best part? You could also sneak your vegetables: olives, sprouts, peas — just toss them into the trenches at the sides and pray the dog is nearby. (Pics)

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Mothers Have a Favorite Child

 Mothers Have a Favorite Child

 Almost 20 percent of the 1,000 parents quizzed said that
they love one of their children more than the others

Far from being a social myth, there really are mummy’s boys and girls out there who get preferential treatment from their mother ahead of their other siblings. One in six mothers admitted that they favored one or another of their children in the survey by parenting website Netmums.

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Childhood Exposure to Lead Linked to Adult Crime

 Childhood Exposure to Lead Linked to Adult Crime

Possibles sources of lead poisoning

In what may be the strongest link yet between lead exposure and crime rates, researchers at the University of Cincinnati on Tuesday released new evidence, spanning more than 20 years, that draws a direct relationship between the amount of lead in a child’s blood and the likelihood he or she will commit crimes as an adult.


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