Mississippi is Most Conservative State in U.S.


The most conservative states are typically in the South and West. The least conservative states are in the Eastern part of the country and on the West Coast.

Where do people who call themselves liberals and conservatives live in the United States?  A new Gallup Poll shows Mississippi has the largest percentage of people who self-identify as conservatives, at 50.5%, followed by Idaho(48.5%) and Alabama (48.3%).


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Left Wing Liberals are Born, Not Made


Scientists discover gene associated with open mindedness.

Holding liberal views may be in the blood, believe scientists, after identifying a gene that makes you more open minded.   Researchers have discovered that the “liberal gene” opens you up to new ideas and alternative lifestyles – and could influence your belief in left wing politics.

Political Preferences: It Might Not Be What You Think

Political Preferences:  It Might Not Be What You Think 

Why does it seem many people begin with political preferences and then try to find reasons justifying their inclinations? Why is it so difficult to sway people who care deeply about politics no matter how compelling the facts or persuasive the prose? University of Nebraska-Lincoln research may help to answer these questions.

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