Why employees trust robots more than their managers


​Managers can’t compete with artificial intelligence (AI) when it comes to some areas of decision-making and trust building, according to a broad new global study of workers. But rather than be viewed as an indictment of managers, the study findings can help organizations create a more human workplace, some experts say.

The study by Oracle and Future Workplace, an HR advisory and research firm in New York City, found that the growing use of AI is having a significant impact on the way employees interact with their managers. Among the study’s key findings is that 64 percent of respondents would trust a robot more than their direct manager, and 82 percent believed AI or bots could perform certain tasks better than their managers. The study surveyed 8,370 HR leaders, managers and employees across 10 countries.

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Platform Wars – MIT launches free online video game simulator

 platform wars

MIT’s video game simulator lets you learn MBA management skills for free.

Thanks to “Platform Wars,” a video game simulator, you can learn MBA management skills and strategies for free.  It was created by MIT’s Sloane School of Management and anyone can learn elements of a business school education by portraying an executive at a video game console manufacturer online.


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The End of Modern Management and Corporate Bureaucracy


1950’s office pool

Business guru Peter Drucker called management “the most important innovation of the 20th century.” It was well-justified praise. Techniques for running large corporations, pioneered by men like Alfred Sloan of General Motors and refined at a bevy of elite business schools, helped fuel a century of unprecedented global prosperity.


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Set Up a “Never Again” Folder to Track Mistakes

never again 333

Most of us are more than happy to forget a screwup at work, a project that didn’t pan out, or even a bad experience at a restaurant. Remembering your mistakes, screwups, and bad experiences, however, can keep future ones at bay.

Over at the organization blog Unclutterer, they found these “I’ll Never [ ] This Again” filing folders. While they didn’t think it was worth spending a premium for such a folder—although it would certainly be fun as a goofy gift—they did see the utility of creating a “Never Again” folder.

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Find Musical Success With Sell-A-Band

So you’re sure you have worked all the angles to get your band off the ground and on its way to mega fame? Have you tried hocking your musical wares on Sell-A-Band? No, you don’t have to sell your soul to some label douche in preparation of getting reemed at some later date, but you may meet the fan or fans who can put you on the musical map.
Sell-A-Band is a unique way to to propell your band into the ears of musical patrons from around the globe who can put their money where their feelings are. Members of the site become believers, not just simply a fan. Currently the band with the most support that also happens to be seeking the most funding is a blast from the yo yo yo musical past – Public Enemy.
Here’s how the site describes their operations.
“SellaBand is based in Amsterdam, the creative capital of Europe. Since its launch in August 2006, SellaBand has coordinated recording sessions for 37 artists or acts who had their albums funded by their fans. Over $3,000,000 has been invested in independent bands via www.sellaband.com. With SellaBand, artists retain complete ownership of the works created and have the flexibility to determine which incentives they will offer their fans who fund them…”

Review: Management by Strengths Boot Camp

 Review:  Management by Strengths Boot Camp

 Cate Lawrence speaking at the recent Management by Strengths Boot Camp

Raymond Alvarez:  Color me direct.  Ever wonder why some people react in unexpected ways to your communications – or maybe on reflection, your style was completely misinterpreted?

Cate Lawrence, founder of Lawrence Research Associates, recalls a personal confrontation in which a co-worker had accused her of everything from acting behind his back to conspiring to get him fired. Lawrence conducted a work session on Saturday (Jan. 24, 2009) at the University of Colorado’s Wolf Law Building in front of about 30 men and women from all professional walks.


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The Five Tenets of Bootstrap-Management

The Five Tenets of Bootstrap-Management

You are securely belted into the driver’s seat of your new startup and you are about to smash down on the gas pedal to get it launched. You have gone through the steps all startup leaders take in those first few months, and then you realize that there is no road ahead. You smile as you come to grips with the fact that you are indeed blazing a new trail.

Such is the life of a boot-strapping entrepreneur. The rule books are few and those that exist will likely to be read and then tossed aside. You are involved in something new, something important, something that may make you happy, and maybe even rich! Your focus needs to be precise, your vision intact, and each day you should wake with a teeth-gritting smile that says, “I know you think I’m crazy, but I know what I’m doing!”

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