World’s Most Dangerous Roads

road of death

Cyclists stopping for a break on the infamous Road of Death in Bolivia

Most drivers encounter unsafe driving conditions at one time or another.  Hazards appear in many forms, for instance, bad weather, drunk drivers or human error can complicate an otherwise uneventful trip.  On the other hand, sometimes the condition of the road can put your life in jeopardy.  Here is a list dedicated to all the white-knuckled drivers who have to brave the dangerous roads and to all of the crazy people who navigate them for fun.  (Pics)


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Disney’s 1958 ‘Magic Highway USA’ Cartoon – The Future of Highway Transportation


“Magic Highway USA” is a Disney cartoon that aired back in 1958 and showed the kind of good ol’ fashioned future that was all the rage back then. What did people have to look forward to? Color-coded and air conditioned highways, roads that are built instantly by lumbering vehicles, and — something we’re not so far from anymore — self-driving cars.


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Future of Energy Could Be Solar Panels Built Into Roads


Solar roads

The Department of Energy just gave $100,000 to upstart company Solar Roadways, to develop 12-by-12-foot solar panels, dubbed “Solar Roads,” that can be embedded into roads, pumping power into the grid. The panels may also feature LED road warnings and built-in heating elements that could prevent roads from freezing.


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Driverless Elevated Railway System

Driverless Elevated Railway System


Students from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have designed a concept for an elevated and automated railway system that intends to do away with the congestions on roads. The ambition public transport system foreseeing driverless compartments zipping over the city streets could be a transportation mode of the future, if the project gets the required funding to be build into a working prototype anytime soon.

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Nike’s Hindsight Cyclist’s Glasses

Nike’s Hindsight Cyclist’s Glasses 

 Nike Hindsight Glasses designed for cyclists

The Nike Hindsight cyclist’s glasses from designer Billy May (we loved his Torn lights before) are designed to do one simple thing: stop cyclists from getting hurt on the roads. At the extended side of each lens is a carefully arranged high-power Fresnel lens that captures the view to the sides of the wearer’s head, and sends it into the peripheral vision.

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Jojo – GPS For The Visually Impaired

Jojo - GPS For The Visually Impaired


I think the feeling of independence has no parallel. And this same feeling is valued to great heights by people with some physical impairment. We have products for everything, be it luxury or survival, but I wonder whether a device has hatched to take care of the blind single-handedly, without seeking the presence of well-wishers.

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New Research Targets “Greener” Roads


Varying mixtures of aggregate, sand and other binder materials used to create asphalt concrete samples

A great deal of effort is being invested towards discovering ways to make our world greener, with cars in particular being the focus of research and development initiatives. But what about the green credentials of the millions of miles of roads which carry our vehicles from A to B? This question is being addressed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) who are investigating ways to make asphalt environmentally friendly.

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