Why Do We Have Fingerprints?

Why Do We Have Fingerprints? 

Why do people have fingerprints?

Fingerprints do not help primates grip, as previously thought, scientists have discovered. They actually reduce the friction needed to hold onto flat surfaces. Now Dr Roland Ennos and his team at The University of Manchester are trying to find out: why do we have them?

Dr Ennos, at the University’s Faculty of Life Sciences, said: “I have been thinking about this for years and, having played around with it for a bit, realised that skin is rubbery so the ridges in fingerprints might actually reduce grip.

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Discovery of ‘Happy Hour’ Gene Could Lead to New Treatments for Alcoholism

Discovery of ‘Happy Hour' Gene Could Lead to New Treatments for Alcoholism

Discovery of ‘happy hour’ gene could lead to better treatments for alcoholism

Some people can hold their drink better than others because they have a “happy hour” gene, claim scientists, who believe the discovery could lead to treatments for alcoholism.  Researchers found that those who had the genetic make up were able to become hardened to the affects of alcohol and therefore able to drink more.

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Bionic Hands With Gel-filled Fingertips Give Greater Sensitivity

Bionic Hands May Help Person “Feel” Objects 

 Bionic Hand With Gel-filled Fingertips

If things go well, prostheses may soon help a person “feel” too. Bionic hands with gelled fingertips may be the answer to provide the wearer with a sense of touch and sensitivity. This may even help them instinctively hold objects, because humans have a built-in reflex that responds to vibrations. The top part of the bionic hands are now going to consist of a rubber skin filled with thick silicon gel. If an object should slip, the elastic skin transmits the vibrations through the gel to acoustic sensors, which provide instant feedback, and the motors can tighten their grip. Also, the finger’s bone is covered with electrodes, which change the electric conduction according to the pressure that helps the user to feel.

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