Deafness Can Lead to Marital Breakdown


Inability to hear properly can lead to arguments.

Deafness can lead to heated arguments between couples and even marital breakdown, according to a survey about the social consequences of hearing loss published today.  The hard-of-hearing partner often feels upset that their spouse does not understand what it is like to suffer from the condition, the poll found.

Modern Technology Makes it Easier to Track a Cheating Spouse


How to catch a cheating spouse

Tiger Woods. Jesse James. David Letterman. The list of celebrities who have cheated on their romantic partners is long. And, no, you’re not crazy if you find that worrisome.  After all, if Sandra Bullock, America’s sweetheart, can’t keep her biker spouse on the monogamy motorway, how can anyone be sure his or her partner isn’t running up a little extra mileage on the side? Don’t we live in an era when a detour to Troubletown is no more than a text message–or a Facebook “poke”–away?


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Women Vacationing Solo

 Women Vacationing Solo

More women are taking vacations together and leaving the guys behind

Girlfriends’ getaways – where women travel with other women and leave the menfolk home – are booming. And the phenomenon is not just about bachelorette parties or 20-somethings on spring break.

Women are taking knitting trips, adventure trips and spa trips. The Fine Living Network is launching a series Thursday called “All-Girl Getaways,” hosted by Stephanie Oswald, editor-in-chief of travelgirl magazine. And Marybeth Bond, the author of “50 Best Girlfriends Getaways in North America,” has just written a sequel – “50 Best Girlfriends Getaways Worldwide.”

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Study: Husbands Create 7 Hours of Extra Housework a Week

Study: Husbands Ceate 7 Hours of Extra Housework a Week

For married women who can’t figure out why they always have so much housework researchers may have the answer — husbands.

A new study from the University of Michigan shows that having a husband creates an extra seven hours of extra housework a week for women. But a wife saves her husband from an hour of chores around the house each week.

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