37% of married people snoop on their spouses online


 The percentage of significant others, spouses and parents who admit to digital snooping is on the rise.

Many people are left slightly creeped out by the many ways strangers collect their online data through targeted online advertising. Strangers aren’t the only people who are likely to collect personal information without your notice according to a new study.


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Mexico on the Brink of Chaos

Mexico’s On The Brink Of Chaos

 A frightening number of drug-related deaths in Mexico

Raymond Alvarez: The quickly rising numbers graphically displayed on a Los Angeles Times web page are telling. Mexico’s drug war story is darkened by numbers, staggering numbers. There were 7,337 drug-related deaths in 2008, the Times reports. The death toll from terrorist attacks in Mumbai last year approaches the average weekly body count in Juarez, which is just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas.

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