Spotify disrupted the music world, now it’s doing the same to Wall Street

If Spotify’s non-IPO goes forward this spring, it will be unusual in that it will be a “direct listing,” wherein the current shareholders will sell their shares directly to the retail-investing public on the NYSE, vs. to institutional investors. Spotify is the first company of its size to propose such a listing. If the listing yields a lucrative exit for existing shareholders, it will encourage other nascent high-growth firms to follow in Spotify’s footsteps.

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The Water-Scraper Habitat


Visions of water dwellings.

Taking advantage of the 71% of the Earth covered in water, the “Water-Scraper” is a partially submerged, self-contained habitat. A combination of tidal, solar and wind sources generate power for the floating behemoth while garden acreage just above the water line produces food for the structure’s inhabitants.

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Britain Plans World’s Largest Tidal Power Station

 Britain Plans World’s Largest Tidal Power Station

 Great plans = great controversy

Great Britain is mulling plans to build the world’s largest tidal power station. Though the climate-friendly energy source is expected to provide 5 percent of the country’s power, environmentalists oppose the project, which they say will destroy vital wildlife habitat. (Pics)

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World’s First Megawatt-Scale Tidal Turbine Installed

World’s First Megawatt-Scale Tidal Turbine Installed

 The power of the ocean without the smell of the sea

Marine Current Turbines Ltd, the global leader in tidal stream technology, has successfully completed the installation of its 1.2MW SeaGen tidal energy system in Strangford Narrows in Northern Ireland. There will now be a 12-week period of commissioning and testing before it starts regularly feeding power into the Northern Ireland grid.


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