123 year old recording may be Edison’s talking doll


The picture on the shows the original phonograph removed from the doll’s body.

Using advanced imaging technology, scientists have recovered a 123-year-old recording made by Thomas Edison. The recording is believed to be the world’s first attempt at a talking doll and may mark the dawn of the American recording industry.

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The Inventor Of The Frisbee Has Died

frisbee 7698

Truly sad news, sports fans. The inventor of the Frisbee, Walter Frederick Morrison, has died at the age of 90 at his home in Utah. Aside from a plain ol’ ball, has there ever been a more universal toy?

The Frisbee, which is technically a brand name, was originally called the Pluto Putter, and was first released in 1948. Morrison sold the rights to the disc in 1957 to Wham-O.

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The Jedi Mind Control Game


My Mind Is Stronger Than Your Mind!

This is the Star Wars Jedi game that requires you to bring to bear all of your latent telekinetic powers of the Force in order to keep a ball levitating. Similar to EEG technology that reads the alpha and beta waves created by your brain, the game comes with a headset equipped with forehead and ear sensors that translate your brain’s energy into a wireless signal that is sent to the game’s base station. The station has a tube with a ball inside (resembling the Jedi training remote Luke Skywalker used on the Millennium Falcon) that is kept levitating by a flow of air; your steady concentration adjusts the air fan’s speed, causing the ball to rise and fall…

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Augmented Reality Toy Concept

Augmented Reality Toy Concept 

 Keep old toys living in a new environment.

In the ongoing economic recession, when you have no guarantee of how long your job’s intact, the very last thing that you want is extra expenditure. But with kids at home, it is probably impossible to avert. His demand for a new toy is probably sending you wild I see, and you are looking for a solution. Perhaps it’s here, a solution that integrates virtual reality with tangible toys. Called the Augmented Reality, the toy concept by Frantz Lasome, with a pair of head-mounted glasses embedded with Augmented Reality Tangible User Interface (AR TUI), allows the kid’s to use their old toys as game pieces and weapons in a virtually created environment.

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Jet-Works Engine Demonstrates Inner Workings Of Turbines

Jet Works Engine Demonstrates Inner Workings Of Turbines

This toy jet engine is not going to fly you anywhere, but it’ll sure demonstrate what goes on inside those fiery turbines. Your kid can learn how to be a jet engine mechanic, putting together the kit’s 50 parts, and then adjusting thrust, speed and engine sounds with the battery-operated model’s control panel.

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