How this 7- year old made $22 million playing with toys


Seven-year-old Ryan of YouTube fame has made it offline, too. The mini mogul now has a collection of toys and apparel sold at Walmart stores nationwide.

Ryan of Ryan Toysreview really isn’t that different from any other first grader. The 7-year-old loves trains and cars; he giggles over Disney characters; he builds entire civilizations with Legos.

Except when he plays, he does so in front of a camera. An adult, presumably, then promptly uploads these videos onto his YouTube channel for his millions of followers—most of whom are elementary-school-age peers.

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The world’s biggest YouTube stars are seeing a massive slowdown


YouTube personalities like PewDiePie and Zoella are seeing a massive slowdown in subscriber growth and views, according to social stats analyzed by Business Insider.

YouTube stars have seen years of growth as vlogging has exploded, but it looks as though the golden days are over and the most business-savvy creators will need to diversify.

Popular creators like H3H3Productions have blamed YouTube’s algorithms for an apparent slowdown in subscribers or viewers.
There’s no official explanation, but YouTube has had to tweak its algorithms a lot in 2017 to tackle inappropriate content.

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