Amazon Kindle book lending

Amazon has now enabled a Kindle book lending service that allows eligible Kindle books to be lent to friends and family for up to 14 days, and the borrower doesn’t need to own a Kindle reading device.


So its now possible to pass on that great book you have finished, thats just stilling in your digital library, but be aware once the book is lent you will not be able to read the book yourself during the loan period.

Not all books will be available for the lending service, but any Kindle book titles that are eligible for lending, are determined by the publisher or rights holder, and will have a message on the product detail page, as shown in the image above.

Be aware that currently, the Kindle book lending can only be initiated by customers residing in the United States and if a loan is initiated to a customer outside the United States: “the borrower may not be able to accept the loan if the title is not available in their country due to publisher geographical rights”.

For more information on the new service visit the Amazon Kindle Lending help page.

Via Geeky Gadgets