Rocking piano12321

A Piano that plays from a whole new angle.

Musicians at Riverside College have been demonstrating their belief that the piano rocks – literally.

The world’s first rocking piano was recently donated to the college and can be found at the Cronton campus…


David Lloyd Motson, performance tutor, said: “I’m ecstatic, it’s unique. I’ve wanted a grand piano since I joined the college a year ago.”

He added: “But to be given one that is so visually appealing and great for performance studies is a real bonus.”

The rocking instrument, named Chichi, was created by Sarah Davenport of Davenport Designers and Cabinetmakers. Sarah received the inspiration for the design after attending a furniture show in Milan.

She said: “I was frustrated with the lack of soul I found in the majority of designs whilst out there so I set out to create a design that could speak.

“Chichi was designed to inspire, therefore I am delighted the piano is going to Riverside College were it will help to teach and inspire young people.”

Chichi will now play a major part in the college’s A-level performance studies courses such as dance and music.

The piano will also become a main feature of the college’s musicals and other productions in the future.