Featured invention at the Davinci Inventor Showcase 2011

An innovative retractable dog leash designed to fit into a compact, incredibly strong locket that snaps to a magnetic collar attachment when not in use, allowing your dog to carry the leash when you want hands-free convenience.


LeashLocket is a retractable leash in a locket that dogs conveniently carry right on their existing collars or harnesses when you want your hands free while out with your dog. This means LeashLocket is always close at hand whenever you’re with your dog. There’s no struggling to catch your pet in unpredictable or dangerous situations and clip on a leash, because LeashLocket is right there on the collar or harness, ready to grab and go when you need it. If LeashLocket is on your dog’s collar, you can’t lose it or leave it behind, and your dog gets to carry the leash for a change!


LeashLocket’s innovative design was developed over a two-year period by a team of pet product experts, making it one of the best-quality and most durable leashes on the market. The ergonomic locket contains a nearly 6-foot lead – the length of standard dog leashes. It comes in two sizes, each of which is lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear. The small size is designed for dogs up to 55 pounds, while large is suited to dogs up to 90 pounds. It’s currently available in four colors, red, blue, black and pink.

Small & Large together

LeashLocket adds instant control, safety and convenience to every walk with your pet.

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