Leash Locket – retractable leash magnetically snaps to your dog’s collar


Featured invention at the Davinci Inventor Showcase 2011

An innovative retractable dog leash designed to fit into a compact, incredibly strong locket that snaps to a magnetic collar attachment when not in use, allowing your dog to carry the leash when you want hands-free convenience.


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Eek! Mice are evolving an immunity to poison!

mouse 1234567

Feisty little buggers.

The rodents of the future will eat poison pellets like candy, according to new research conducted on mice found in a German bakery. The baker called in an exterminator to rid his business of the pests and discovered, to his horror, that the little buggers weren’t even fazed by bromadiolone, which is a very concentrated and deadly version of the common rat poison warfarin…

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Your Choice in 2020 – How Computing Will Make Every Action a Transaction

computing transaction

Technology is about possibilities. Phones increase how many people you can connect with. Cars, how much ground you might cover. Powerful, highly networked computers may shift your every situation, changing what you might do and where you might be, every hour of any day.


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Militaries Benefits From Transcendental Meditation

meditation head 3421

A leading scientific journal in Pakistan, The Journal of Management & Social Science,* recently published a paper titled “A New Role for the Military: Preventing Enemies from Arising-Reviving an Ancient Approach to Peace,” indicating that the military application of the Transcendental Meditation technique has merit. The paper discusses how militaries worldwide could use the Transcendental Meditation® and TM-Sidhi® program, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, as a non-religious and scientifically verified way to prevent war and terrorism. When used in a military context, these meditation practices are known as Invincible Defense Technology (IDT).

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USB Powered Jedi Master

Yoda_USB 7856

Buying me you feel now like doing !

It seems like Star Wars merchandise never seems to get old, and Yoda is always a popular figure. Next, Tokyo-based Cube Works has announced a mini Yoda figure, which you can plug into your computer. You’ll be able to control the light on the lightsaber as well as Yoda’s cheeks via software installed on your computer. The site does not mention…

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Altering Our Dependencies… one snip at a time

Altering Our Dependencies… one snip at a time 

My granddaughter, Dez, and I rarely see eye to eye. But we have a relationship where we are heavily dependant upon each other

I’m a bit like film director Robert Zemeckis who co-wrote the screenplay Back to the Future. I notice those little things that have disappeared, fond memories of my chilldhood, like service stations that actually had people who provided service.

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Soviet Nuclear Control Devices


Mark Pitcher’s posted a set of Soviet nuclear controls that look exactly as I pictured high-tech equipment looking when I was a kid (shown here is a nuclear detonator panel (!) that bristles with high-tech menace): “Equipment built during the 1940’s to 1970’s for use in the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site (the ‘Polygon’). All are hand-made and most are one-offs. Photos from a museum in Kurchatov Kazakhstan.”

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Where Russian Supersonic Jets Go To Die


Some parts of the plane still work!

Tu-144 which first flew on 31 December 1968 (two months before Concorde) is the fastest supersonic commercial airliner ever made. Despite the similarity of the Tu-144 to Concorde, there were significant differences in the control, navigation and engine systems. The Tu-144 was in some ways a more technologically advanced aircraft, but in areas such as range, aerodynamic sophistication, braking and engine control, it lagged behind Concorde.  A total of 16 airworthy Tu-144s were built, Aeroflot had only made 55 scheduled passenger flights with their Tu-144s before they put them out of service.  (PICS)

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