Budgee at CES 2014

Are you burdened by carrying too much stuff around? Maybe you have health problems, or maybe you’re a student with loads of heavy textbooks, or a traveler with heavy carry-on luggage. Or maybe you’re just incredibly lazy. Five Elements Robotics has created Budgee, a cute robot that will carry all your stuff for you.



The concept of Budgee is a clever one: the robot works with a small transmitter that you keep with you. You put your stuff in Budgee’s basket, up to 50 pounds of it, and he follows you wherever you go. If he happens to run into something (hopefully not into you), his bumpers alert him and bring him to a stop. The robot is also easily storable: when you’re done with Budgee, just remove his basket and fold him up. Budgee can last for up to 6-8 hours of continued use and comes with a rechargeable battery.

But what if someone tries to steal your Budgee? The robot has a security feature that sends you an alert via a mobile app when he’s out of your range. Budgee’s basket will also go into lockdown mode so that no one can take your stuff. The mobile app allows you to change Budgee’s eye color, as well as let you manually drive him and set how closely you want him to follow you.

So how much do you have to spend to get a Budgee of your own? For 1299, you can get the Collector Gold Edition Budgee. Considering that this cost is less than what a personal assistant might run you, it’s virtually a steal.

Via Dvice