Amazon has unveiled a new AI tool designed to assist sellers in creating product listings more efficiently. This feature utilizes a large language model (LLM) trained on extensive datasets to streamline the process of describing products. Amazon characterizes this tool as a way to simplify the often labor-intensive task of crafting titles, bullet points, and product descriptions into a single step.

Amazon’s Generative Listing Content tool requires sellers to provide a brief product description, typically just a few words or sentences. From there, the tool generates high-quality content, including a product title, description, and bullet points, which sellers can review and edit if necessary. During the testing phase, many sellers found the generated content suitable for use without further revisions.

According to Mary Beth Westmoreland, Amazon VP, these new capabilities will enable sellers to create high-quality listings with less effort while providing customers with more comprehensive, consistent, and engaging product information to enhance their shopping experiences. Robert Tekiela, Amazon VP of selection and catalog systems, highlighted that the generative AI models can significantly improve product knowledge, infer details from various information sources, latent knowledge, and logical reasoning. For instance, they can deduce a table’s round shape from specifications mentioning its diameter or infer a shirt’s collar style from its image.

This new tool follows Amazon’s launch of AI-generated review summaries earlier this summer, which use generative AI to summarize product reviews in one-paragraph recaps, including clickable keywords. Amazon suggests that its foray into generative AI is just beginning, with plans to continue incorporating AI to enhance the seller experience and promote seller success. CEO Andy Jassy emphasized the central role of generative AI in Amazon’s future endeavors.

By Impact Lab