Forerunner of Egyptian Pyramids Found in Romania?


Archaeologists claim to have found a forerunner to the pyramids not in Egypt – but in southern Romania.

The discovery being hailed as a sensation has been dated as being over 4,500 years old after it was unearthed in Aricestii Rahtivani, in Prahova county in southern Romania.

Archaeologist Alin Franculeasa, from the History and Archeology Museum in Prahova, said: “If we take the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen – he reigned between 1333 – 1323 BC, but this tomb is even older – from a man who obviously also had great wealth and importance but who would have lived 4,500 years ago.

“There are clearly similarities between the tomb we are looking at and that of the pyramids…

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Google Earth Uncovers Thousands of Tombs

petra tombs

Google Earth may expose tombs more exciting and historical than the ones in Petra shown here.

With the aid of revolutionary technology, archaeologists continue to expose exciting historical discoveries. According to The New Scientist, University of Western Australia professor David Kennedyhas utilized Google Earth in hopes of identifying archaeological sites, and he just may have stumbled across nearly two thousand potentially significant locations…

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