China’s Little Brothers cleanse online chatter at Sina Weibo’s censorship hub

The censors, new college graduates, are ambivalent about deleting posts.

On the outskirts of the Chinese city of Tianjin, in a modern office building. rows of censors sit and stare at computer screens.  Their mission: delete any post on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, deemed offensive or politically unacceptable.



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295 words and phrases blocked by Chinese internet censors


The Chinese government is not shy about its Internet censorship, even launching an official campaign known as the Golden Shield Project, or “Great Firewall.”

Most people in the world who get into trouble on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites fail to exercise a bit of healthy self-censorship. A new Carnegie Mellon University study has identified the 295 words and phrases the Chinese government looks for when it steps in and forcibly blocks communication between its own citizens.

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China Blocks the Word ‘Egypt’ From Internet Searches


Protesters react in Tahrir Square to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s televised speech in Cairo February 1, 2011.

Chinese authorities have blocked the word “Egypt” from searches on Twitter-like microblogging sites in an indication of concern among Communist Party leaders that the unrest there could encourage similar calls for political reform in China.


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China Bans Satirical Bunnies


As China gears up for the Year of the Rabbit, the nation’s Communist authorities have censored a bunny cartoon with political overtones. The Chinese New Year – which falls this year on February 3 – is the country’s biggest holiday. Families come together for several days of feasting and gift-giving. But, this year, a New Year-themed cartoon posted on a popular Chinese website seems to have rankled officials. Censors have deleted the video, in an apparent reaction to its biting political satire.

The three-minute animation begins with rabbit babies being poisoned, a blatant reference to a recent toxic milk scandal that left six children dead…

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