Porous polymer coatings dynamically control light and heat


The porous polymer coatings, which switch from white to transparent when wetted, can be put into plastic enclosures to make panels that control light and temperatures of buildings. Credit: Jyotirmoy Mandal/Columbia Engineering

Buildings devote more than 30% of their energy use to heating, cooling, and lighting systems. Passive designs such as cool roof paints have gone a long way toward reducing this usage, and its impact on the environment and climate, but they have one key limitation—they are usually static, and thus not responsive to daily or seasonal changes.

Columbia Engineering researchers have developed porous polymer coatings (PPCs) that enable inexpensive and scalable ways to control light and heat in buildings. They took advantage of the optical switchability of PPCs in the solar wavelengths to regulate solar heating and daylighting, and extended the concept to thermal infrared wavelengths to modulate heat radiated by objects. Their work is published on October 21, 2019 by Joule.

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Refrigerants not required: Flexible metal cooling prototype demonstrates extreme efficiency


The prototype heating/cooling system uses the remarkable properties of shape-memory nitinol metals for environmentally friendly cooling and heating

A German research team has prototyped an extraordinary heating/cooling system that stresses and unloads nickel-titanium “muscle wires” to create heated and cooled air at twice the efficiency of a heat pump or three times the efficiency of an air conditioner. Crucially, the device also uses no refrigerant gases, meaning it’s a much more environmentally friendly way to heat or cool a space.

The device is based on a peculiar property of certain shape-memory metal alloys that spring back into shape after being deformed. In some cases – particularly with nickel-titanium, also known as nitinol – these metals absorb significant amounts of heat when they’re bent out of shape, and then release that heat when they’re allowed to revert to their normal shape. The difference between the loaded wire and the released wire can be as much as 20° C (36° F).

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Comfy – a new app that solves the No. 1 complaint about offices



You go to work on a hot summer day, but as soon as you sit at your desk, your are freezing. Or it’s winter and the heater keeps you too hot. The heating and cooling system is designed to keep you comfortable but it’s not doing a very good job, and it wastes massive amounts of energy in the process.



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Ice Bear Can Reduce Air Conditioning Energy Demand By 95%

Ice Bear Can Reduce Air Conditioning Energy Demand By 95%

Ice Bear Hybrid Air Conditioning System 

Ice Energy, a leading provider of distributed energy storage and smart grid solutions for optimizing energy system efficiency, has been awarded the Silver prize in the 22nd Excellence in Design Awards competition for its Ice Bear energy storage system. Sponsored by Appliance Design Magazine, the award honors creative and technically savvy product designs in the global appliance industry.

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Eco-Friendly Fridge For 2020

Eco-Friendly Fridge For 2020 


Tez Patel, an engineer and industrial designer has created the perfect user-friendly and eco-friendly refrigerator. Though he suggests his eco-fridge, “Oceania,” is designed for the year 2020, it sure would be nice if a big kitchen appliance manufacturer made it happen sooner. A fridge can use up to 15 percent of our household energy!

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Vent-Miser Programmable Energy Saving Vent

Vent-Miser Programmable Energy Saving Vent 


Having central heating is easy and convenient, but not very cost effective. For one thing, you’re heating rooms that are not in use. Most homes do not need every single room to be the same temperature. hat’s where this device comes in handy. The Vent-Miser Programmable Energy Saving Vent saves you money by controlling individual room temperature.

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LawnPC: Visions To Transform Computing In The Future

LawnPC:  Visions To Transform Computing In The Future


Technology isn’t always on the same page with sustainability. Still when green innovation transforms the trajectory, even we find ourselves inclining towards the novelty. Such is the LawnPC, which visions to transform computing in the near future. The concept PC from David Veldkamp is powered by the solar cells attached to the grass like lawn on the PC, made from natural cotton fabric these blades transfer the generated 60 watts of energy down to the plug-in button at the bottom each blade. The concept requires no cooling fans, just put it where natural light and air are readily available and then leave rest on this wirelessly functional device that’ll give you the cleanest computing all the time.

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Finally, An Outdoor Air Conditioner

 Finally, An Outdoor Air Conditioner

You’re sitting outside in the late summer heat, dripping buckets while you watch the kids frolic in the pool. Even if you’re getting a tan, it’s still miserable. Thankfully, now there’s the Bollard Cooler, engineered by Richardson-based IntelliCool. This whisper-quiet outdoor air conditioner can spew cool air across 250 square feet of your yard or patio.

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Strong Evidence of Global Cooling

Strong Evidence of Global Cooling

Several areas around the planet are experiencing record cold and snow pack — in the face of all the predictions of global warming.

Now there is word that all four major global temperature tracking outlets have released data showing that temperatures have dropped significantly over the last year. California meteorologist Anthony Watts says the amount of cooling ranges from 65-hundredths of a degree Centigrade to 75-hundreds of a degree.

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