Top 5 fitness trends from the IDEA World Fitness Convention


Elaine LaLanne and Dr. Pam Peeke keynote speaker, doing pushups during the IDEA Convention.

The IDEA World Fitness Convention got together 6000 fitness professionals from around the world.  For three days they listened to expert lectures, attended workshops, workouts, panels and a trade show.  From this you get the latest in exercise, nutrition and fitness and 5 of the latest fitness trends.

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Tokyo Robot Dance Competition


Here’s a competitor in the 6th Robo-One Gate dance competition, held in Tokyo in November 2009. I wonder if the rules require the robots to look like scary cyborg schoolgirls?

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Searching for Worst ‘Dad Dancers’


A father unglued.

Fathers used to embarrassing their children with their dance moves are being urged to show off their skills in public – all in the name of art. Gallery bosses at The Lowry Centre, in Salford, are urging families to submit video clips in their search for the “most embarrassing dad dancers”.

The top 10 will be given professional tuition and invited to take part in a summer family dance exhibition.

Footage of fathers dancing at weddings, birthdays – or just in their front room – should be uploaded to file sharing sites and sent to the gallery.

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Amazing 3D Sand Art By New Zealander Peter Donnelly


The Sandman At Work 


For the last ten years, New Zealand’s artist Peter Donnelly has practiced his ephemeral art at the beach. “Many tourists and local residents can find Peter down at the beach, low tide, most Sundays working beside the New Brighton pier carving the sand”. “It’s a celebration, – he says – in a sacred way, sharing the process of creation. It’s good for putting something into large scale that is small inside yourself”. Sometimes people ask him about a drawing. ‘What is it?’ – they ask. And Peter says: “Sand”.

(Amazing sand art videos after jump…)

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Crazy Dance Moves Videos


Michael Jackson Montage 

Love him or hate him, Michael Jackson was a true dance pioneer, giving us the Moonwalk amongst other crazy moves. That’s where it starts – but when you look at the videos below, you’ll see that some guys have taken “popping” a lot further.

Start with the Michael Jackson video above.

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Making The Masses Smile: T-Mobile Dance Videos


Watch this video FIRST

As we go through our days we should always look for and share humor with others. Life is so much better when you’re smiling!
Here’s a fun example of making the masses smile.
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