China plans to build a deep sea base run entirely by AI


Robots, not humans, will run the show.

Artificial intelligences are about to get a place to call their own — and it’s located somewhere humans are unlikely to want to visit.

According to a story published Monday in the South China Morning Post, scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences plan to construct a research base deep in the South China Sea, and they want artificially intelligent robots to run it.

This base could be the “first artificial intelligence colony on Earth,” those involved in the project told the SCMP.

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First-Ever Sighting of a Baby Seahorse in British Waters


A tiny baby seahorse was measured off the coast of Dorset, England.

It must have been like finding a needle in a haystack, but somehow, in murky water conditions, diver Neil Garrick-Maidment, the executive director of the Seahorse Trust, spotted a single 1.5-inch-long female baby seahorse “clinging onto a piece of seagrass” off the coast of Studland, Dorset — a finding so rare he said it was “akin to seeing a yeti in the wild.”


Squirrel – The Other White Meat and It’s Sustainable, Too


The other white meat.

Move over kangaroo,  horse, and nutria – there’s a new meat on the supermarket shelves at Budgens in the UK – it’s squirrel. Squirrel has been eaten in the U.S. south for ages, and Budgens owner Andrew Thornton told the Guardian that he sells as many as 15 squirrels a week. Rather than cull these furry animals that abound on urban streets, Thornton said he thinks it is more sustainble….


World’s Largest Web-Spinning Spider Found


A new giant orb spider has been discovered in South Africa.

A new giant spider – which has huge five-inch females and tiny males – has been discovered by scientists.  The female of the new species of golden orb weaver spider has a body one and a half inches long with a leg span of five inches and weaves a web more than three feet wide.


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Rarely Photographed Piglet Squid Caught On Camera


This bizarre sea creature looks happy with its lot in life as it appears to be smiling broadly.

The rarely photographed piglet squid was captured on film at a rescue aquarium.  Its tentacles and skin patterns have formed an adorable shape of a small smiling face with what looks like curly locks on his head.


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