WNBA referees debut live high-definition ‘Ref Cam’


Wearing a cloud computer like Google Glass on your face can be important for capturing moments in life from a first-person perspective. Now the WNBA, the female division of the National Basketball Association (NBA), has decided to deploy its own version first-person camera to referees for live games.



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TVGuardian – Bad Language Filter for Your HDTV



 There have been tools over the years for skipping the sexy or violent parts of movies, or sanitizing the bad words coming from your TV’s speakers. But HDTV viewers who didn’t want to restrict viewing to G-rated shows remained exposed to nasty curse words and other offensive language. Until now. (Videos)


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South Korea First To Terrestrially Broadcast HD 3DTV


Conclusive evidence that South Korea is the greatest country on Earth: it will begin terrestrial (that’s over-the-air) 3D TV broadcasts in a few weeks. Better still, it’ll be in full high-definition. How long do you think it’s going to be before “Dancing With The Stars” is shown in 3D here? Probably like 200 years, yes…

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A Watch That Shoots High Def Video

video watch hd 3421
For those of you who are dreaming about becoming the next James Bond, you’ll certainly be attracted to JTT’s WACAHD8GB wristwatch. It looks like your average wristwatch, but it it’s able to shoot 1280 x 960 resolution videos at 30fps, and you’ll also be able to take still shots that are just under 8-megapixels. While on paper it seems great, the quality of the images and videos taken show that the pictures have probably been interpolated (or stretched) to fit the resolution mentioned earlier…