Google’s humanoid robot can now chase you like a Terminator


Boston Dynamics, a Google-owned company, scared everyone earlier this year with its hive-mind 160-pound robot dogs that can run on almost any terrain. Now the company is taking things to an all-new level with new video of its humanoid robot, which is the closest thing to a real-life Terminator we’ve ever seen.

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Scientists program 3 humanoid robots to show self-awareness


One of the primary characteristics that artificially intelligent objects possess is self-awareness. Taking a step forward toward the new technology, a team of researchers claim to have found one such robot that showed a capability to differentiate itself from the others.

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DARPA unveils the Atlas DRC robot


Meet Atlas, a massive humanoid robot was unveiled by DARPA at the headquarters of Boston Dynamics, just outside Boston. Atlas was built by Boston Dynamics for the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC), whose goal is to advance disaster response robotics. The hope is that Atlas is the first step towards the day when robots, not humans, will be sent to help mitigate major catastrophes, such as the Fukushima nuclear accident. (Photos and video)



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Top 7 best-case scenarios for the future

If things go really well, our civilization will continue to evolve and diversify.

A lot of science fiction and visions of the future from futurists lean towards the negative – and for good reason.  Our environment is a mess, we have a nasty tendency to misuse technologies, and we’re becoming increasingly capable of destroying ourselves. But the demise of the civilization is by no means guaranteed. Should we find a way to manage the risks and avoid dystopic outcomes, our far future looks astonishingly bright. Here are seven best-case scenarios for the future of humanity.



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