Google developing ‘smart’ contact lenses to monitor diabetes

google smart contact lens

Google’s smart contact lens.

Google announced its next big project last week—smart contact lenses intended to help diabetics manage their condition. The tiny contact lens uses a wireless chip attached to a glucose sensor that measures glucose levels in tears.



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A Camera With 158 Lenses

camera mega lense

Here’s looking at you and you and you and…

This camera, made by the Nagoya Institute of Technology, has 158 lenses — more than any other camera in the world, according to Guinness World Records. It was made by associate professor Yojiro Ishino and his students in order to take 3D pictures of a flame. The lenses are arranged in four rows, and the entire rig is 47 centimeters across.

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Electrifying Photography

Electrifying Photography

  Robert Buelteman uses high voltage photography

Forget the notion of a reverent nature photographer tiptoeing through the woods, camera slung over one shoulder, patiently looking for perfect light. Robert Buelteman works indoors in total darkness, forsaking cameras, lenses, and computers for jumper cables, fiber optics, and 80,000 volts of electricity. This bizarre union of Dr. Frankenstein and Georgia O’Keeffe spawns photos that seem to portray the life force of his subjects as the very process destroys them.

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Top 10 Scariest Contact Lenses

Top 10 Scariest Contact Lenses

 Black Out Contact Lenses

The world of eyewear has been forever changed by the introduction of contact lenses, however, not all of them are practical or fashionable; some contact lenses are just downright disgusting, creepy, and especially scary. The top 10 contact lenses mentioned here are in no particular order, because I just can’t seem to decide which ones creep me out more!  (PICS)

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Silver Glasses For The World’s Poor

Silver Glasses For The World’s Poor 

We revere Santa Claus as our mysterious giver of gifts, but the rest of the world may reserve that spot for Josh Silver. Professor Joshua Silver, to be specific – a retired physics teacher at Oxford University who has developed “Silver Glasses,” which are tunable spectacles that need no optometrist to adjust. That’s because the glasses have syringes filled with silicone liquid connected to each lens, and the wearer only has to inject or suck out the fluid until the view through the lenses looks right.

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Artificial Corneas

Artificial Corneas 

 Artificial Cornea

Researchers at Stanford University may have just gotten us one step closer to creating a cyborg. They’ve developed a new kind of artificial cornea, one that’s “showing promise” in animal studies and could eliminate the need for cornea transplants completely.

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