Drones Are Saving One Life Per Week, DJI Study Finds

DJI Technology Inc, the largest civilian drone maker, is claiming in a new study that “59 lives have been saved by civilian drones in 18 different incidents, with one life a week being saved by drones on average.”

The study was published on March 14, 2017, and is based on reports in the news. The majority of the rescues have occurred in USA and China, although instances have occurred in Canada and Turkey as well.

One third were saved by civilians using their hobbyist drones and not by emergency personnel, showing their far-reaching abilities. 31 lives were saved during floods, as drones spotted missing people and delivered rescue ropes and life jackets. 19 missing people were found on land, on terrain ranging from swamps to mountains to snow banks. 9 more people were rescued off beaches or in boats.

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A rescue drone that finds survivors by tracking their mobile phone signals


The drone can pick out the location of an individual phone within 30 feet.

A mobile phone can be the device that saves you in an emergency, even if you aren’t able to make a call. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne have developed a drone that can pinpoint the location of a mobile phone by picking up its Wi-Fi signal. (Video)



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FINDER can detect heartbeats hidden beneath rubble

FINDER was created to detect a human heartbeat buried beneath 30 feet (9 meters) of crushed material.

Search and rescue teams immediately set out to find victims trapped beneath the wreckage of trapped buildings caused by natural disasters or human-made catastrophes. During these missions, time is imperative, and the ability to quickly detect living victims greatly increases the chances of rescue and survival.


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Butterfly Smoke Seal – a safety must-have for anywhere a fire can arise


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

Turn your last breath of oxygen into minutes for Escape and Rescue.  The Butterfly Smoke Seal will help protect lives by stopping poisonous gas and smoke from entering though the door in case of a fire. Poisonous gas and smoke is the #1 killer of children 14 and under. It’s been said that if a butterfly crosses your path it will bring you luck.


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