Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

Turn your last breath of oxygen into minutes for Escape and Rescue.  The Butterfly Smoke Seal will help protect lives by stopping poisonous gas and smoke from entering though the door in case of a fire. Poisonous gas and smoke is the #1 killer of children 14 and under. It’s been said that if a butterfly crosses your path it will bring you luck.


The average person can only hold their breath for 60 seconds. FIRE is…

  • DARK – Starts with a bright flame, quickly turning to dark blinding toxic smoke in seconds
  • DEADLY – Smoke and toxic fumes are the primary cause injuries and deaths, more than flames
  • FAST – Fires grow out of control in less than 30 seconds. In minutes, a house fills with toxic  smoke and flames
  • HOT – Fires’ heat, alone, can injure and cause death before exposure to direct flames

The Butterfly Smoke Seal® Kit- uniquely blocks Deadly Smoke…

A safety “must-have” for hotels, offices, dorm rooms, bedrooms, patient rooms – anywhere a fire can arise.

  • INVENTED – By the manufacturer that produces fire barriers for buildings, worldwide (hospitals, stadiums, airports, etc)
  • RECEIVED – numerous Awards, Testimonies and Endorsements by fire saftey-related professionals (see Endorsements page)
  • UL APPROVED – with Patent Pending; “Made in the USA” product
  • TAKES – less than 60 seconds to install (see How to Install)
  • USED – for smoke safety mitigation as fire extinguishers are used for flames
  • COSTS – less than the average fire extinguisher (Order online or call)
  • MOUNTS – or stores by a door, or packed in a suitcase (soft travel version)
  • RECOGNIZED – By several awards of innovation
  • PRODUCED – by a Veteran (U.S. Navy) owned business

 Via Butterfly Smoke Seal

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