Fashion Scoops : Dior is inviting people try on sneakers via augmented reality


Dior’s new Snapchat lens dedicated to the B27sneakers

The reality of trying on shoes in a store?

Risk of embarrassing sock holes; risk of foot odor, or worse, risk of visible butt cleavage when bending over to tie up laces.

So how about augmented reality? Simply point your smart phone at your feet and instantly see how the shoes look, no matter where you are or what’s on your feet at the moment.

Dior is bringing the latter reality to life with a new Snapchat lens for its B27 men’s sneakers.

Launching today, it allows users to quickly try on six variations, and purchase directly from the Dior channel on Snapchat or on

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Sneakers Detect Wi-Fi While You Walk


Step Right Into The Wi-Fi Zones

“A Step in the Right Direction” is a sneaker that detects Wi-Fi while you walk, via a tricky network detection unit embedded under the left shoe flap.

The three LEDs on the flap (supposedly) show you how much Wi-Fi action is within 50 meters. If the lights are blinky, you’ve got bupkis…

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Super Expensive “Smart Shoes”

 Super Expensive “Smart Shoes”

What is it worth to you to have shoes that anticipate your pressure points?

While some people think its crazy to spend more than about $35 on a pair of shoes, I’ve come to think of may feet as the ultimate interface with the world. So, if you are into cutting edge sneakers and the whole geek-tech/foot experience, maybe a pair of VectraSense Technologies’ new $700 Verb for Shoes will get you excited.

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