NASA working on faster than the speed of light travel

 We are at the point right now where faster-than-light travel is still theoretical, but possible.

Currently, NASA is working on the first practical field test toward the possibility of faster than light travel.Traveling faster than light has always been attributed to science fiction, but that all changed when Harold White and his team at NASA started to work on and tweak the Alcubierre Drive.


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What we don’t understand about the speed of light


The laws of light speed still apply.

Last June, researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology published the results of an experiment that proved that light does not move faster than light—specifically, that single photons can’t move faster than the official speed of light under certain conditions.
Today, Skulls in the Stars—the nom de Internet of a UNC Charlotte physics professor—hasa really great blog post up about this paper. It’s very much worth a read. After all, this was basically a test to double check something we were already pretty sure was true. And what’s the benefit to proving something you already knew?

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Scientists prove time travel is impossible


Scientists say time travel is impossible by showing a single photon cannot travel faster than the speed of light.

Physicists in Hong Kong say they have proved that a single photon obeys Einstein’s theory that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light — demonstrating that outside science fiction, time travel is impossible.


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