Wrong again, wrong again, jiggidy jog.

Bill McKibben has a fantastic column up today in which he details the numerous times that the US Chamber of Commerce has been wrong throughout American history — they opposed the New Deal, policies to support the Allies against Hitler in WWII, and on down the line to blocking action to prevent climate change. So why does anyone still listen?

McKibben sums it up in his final graf: “There’s only one reason anyone pays attention to the US Chamber, and that’s their gusher of cash. But the Chamber turns 100 next year, and it’s just possible that a century of dumb decisions will outweigh even that pile of money. If you’re trying to figure out the future, study the US Chamber–and go as fast as you can in the opposite direction.”

Read the whole thing to better understand one of the fiercest opponents of preserving a livable climate out there.

via Treehugger.