Spectators watch as Jeb Corliss hurtles though the mountain’s natural arch hundreds of feet in the air

Jeb Corliss, a wingsuit pilot, has taken the sport of sky diving to new heights after hurtling through a narrow slit in a mountainside. (Pics and video)


Jeb Corliss launched himself from a helicopter at 6,000ft today, zooming through the air at 75mph towards the imposing Tianmen mountain in Hunan Province, China.

The stuntman’s wingsuit, which has thin membranes between the limbs and torso, allowed the 35-year-old to glide through the air while losing altitude gradually instead of plummeting directly towards Earth.


He was able to travel for two-thirds of a mile – and through the 4,265ft mountain’s natural archway – before releasing his parachute and descending gently to the ground. The arch measures less than 100ft across and left the daredevil with little margin for error.

Corliss, who has jumped from the Eiffel Tower and flown through a waterfall in the Swiss Alps, is the first wingsuit stuntman to fly in China. He carried out a test flight from the top of the mountain earlier this week and described conditions as ‘perfect’.


But his first attempt to fly through the Tianmen arch this afternoon had to be abandoned after smoke canisters attached to his ankles developed mechanical problems. Corliss was forced to abandon the attempt in mid-flight and had to make a detour to avoid slamming into the side of the cliff face.

After completing the second, successful jump, which was broadcast on China’s television networks, the Californian said: ‘That was one of the greatest wingsuit flights of my entire life.

‘Thank you China, that was amazing. I love it, oh my God.’


Via Daily Mail