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Language and emotion play a big roll in business success.

Did you ever stop and think about some of the words and phrases you use in your business communications everyday? And did you ever pause and truly think about what message you are conveying with your words and phrases. In today’s conversations, there are many words and phrases spoken without any real sensitivity to the “real message” they convey to the hearer. Many of these seem quite innocent and are probably thought to be inconsequential. Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach believes you would be at a strategic advantage in your business communications if you understand that there are some words and phrases that should be avoided. Here is a list of 8 phrases and Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach antidote to the deadly phrase…

Deadly Phrase #1: “I can’t …” It is almost automatic that when someone hears this phrase, they mentally ask if you mean “can’t” or “won’t” which are both negative.
Coach’s Antidote: Ask “How can I …?” and show a willingness to find what you can do.

Deadly Phrase #2: “I don’t care.” Wow – you just sent a powerful apathetic and negative message, which probably will shut down further communications.
Coach’s Antidote: Avoid any expression of apathy in your conversation if you want to have an opportunity to do business with someone. Instead, communicate a genuine feeling that you do care.

Deadly Phrase #3: “I hate…” It takes way too much energy to hate anything or anybody.
Coach’s Antidote: Avoid using these words since it will send a very unflattering image to the person or persons to whom you are speaking. Use positive energy to concentrate on what is being asked of you.

Deadly Phrase #4: “Whatever!” When you use this word you have used one of the most powerful negative single word sentences imaginable. With this one word phrase you have confirmed that you have given up and really no longer care.
Coach’s Antidote: Communicate some positive message that addresses the problem or issue at hand and encourage continued effort to find the solution.

Deadly Phrase #5: “I will do that later.” When uttering this phrase you confirm that you are a procrastinator and that you believe that your time is more valuable than the person or persons hearing what you said.
Coach’s Antidote: Provide a positive response with a commitment to specific time frame for responding to the request or completing the required task.

Deadly Phrase #6: “It’s not my problem.” Once again, you have shown a lack of concern and respect for another person’s problem, when you utter this phrase.
Coach’s Antidote: Be proactive and show leadership by taking ownership of seeing that the problem is resolved by you or with the help of others.

Deadly Phrase #7: It’s not my fault.” This phrase can speak volumes about you avoiding taking any responsibility or being held accountable for actions of yourself and/or others.
Coaching Antidote: Exhibit leadership by ensuring accountability.

Deadly Phrase #8: “It’s not my job.” This is another phrase that simply conveys a message that you do not take responsibility and like to push it off onto others.
Coach’s Antidote: Take responsibility to see that you or someone else do the job.